Filter Sales Order Items

Hi everyone!
I’ve got a custom script on Sales Order and since upgrading to the latest version a couple weeks ago, it is no longer filtering the Suppliers in the Sales Order Item table properly. It should only show suppliers that are Supplier Group “FOLIAGE” but it is showing all. I cannot find anywhere in the code referencing supplier group or really anything similar.


Is there anyone that would be able to help us out with this? I am willing to pay for someone to assist!

Thank you!

What is your custom script look like?

It is VERY long. We actually paid someone to do a lot of customization for us a few years ago but he doesn’t seem to be available. I would be happy to share it with you privately if you are interested? I’m assuming this would be the script for Sales Order.

Search for “Custom Script” in the awesomebar. And share the script.