Filter to only get domain names

I get this piece of code from module.js and I think it is responsible to get the modules to display on the desk’s sidebar.

page.get_page_modules = () => {
	return frappe.get_desktop_icons(true)
		.filter(d => d.type==='module' && !d.blocked)
		.sort((a, b) => { return (a._label > b._label) ? 1 : -1; });

Now I want to filter these modules further by only displaying domains (manufacturing, retail, education, agriculture, healthcare, etc).

Since I’m not a programmer, my question is: how do I do it?

And if there is some filtering call to further “categorize” the sidebar menu (domains, activities process, settings & learn, etc), I believe this is also of interest to some people.

Thank you in advance and hoping to get help here.

Can anyone please tell me how to get modules that are domains only?
Thank you