Filtering a GET using a field in a sub document

I am trying to figure out if there is anyway to filter a GET request using a value that is inside a list of sub documents in the document type you are getting.

My specific example is that I am creating a list of work orders for a specific material. For example, if I am cutting “16ga CRS”, I want to retrieve any work order for an item that has “16ga CRS” in it’s BOM. The approach I am attempting is to GET a list of Work Orders where any of the “required_items[‘item_code’}” equals the material name I am looking for. I am uncertain if this is possible and, if so, what the syntax for referring to sub document would be.

I have tried just adding “required_items” to my “fields” list, hoping that the JSON returned would contain all of the require items sub documents. That did not work. I have tried “required_items[item_code]”, but that also did not work.

Any assistance is appreciated,