Filtering child table options by it's corresponding child field data

As I didn’t get the reply on the old thread I’m raising it again as a new post.
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In Quality Inspection DocType, using a script, I’m adding the list of checks that has to be performed into a child table(Quality Inspection Reading) based on item_group.
But now, the options for each check is different. i.e., the options for a particular check should be filtered based on the check(Options are coming from another table - Quality Check Options where all the options are stored).
I’ve to use get_query to achieve the above functionality.
Struggled a lot to achieve this. Even refresh_field is not working. And finally found your(@nabinhait ) reply.
As you said, if get_query and set_query are for only manual entires, how can I add them beforehand?
Tutorial or detailed note is really appreciated.

For more clarity, in case of a laptop, we have the following checks with corresponding options:

  1. Check: Internal cleaning | Options: [Yes/No]
  2. Check: Display Screen | Options: [Good/Broken/SlightlyBroken]
  3. Check: Speakers | Options: [Working/Not Working]

All the above checks & options need to be auto populated in ‘Quality Inspection Reading’ child table of ‘New Quality inspection’. And both the check and options need to be dropdown (Link)

Please help me to achieve this functionality. I’m struggling a lot on it.

The best way to get help on this is to first share the design and screenshots and then start a pull-request. Everyone wants to help a contributor!