Filtering Child table that has link

Hello there

Uhm i need help filtering a table. i keep getting the TypeError: frm.doc.fields_dict is undefined error when i try adding code.

I have 3 doctypes.

  1. Unit
  2. AvailableUnits
  3. Jobs

A unit consists of different resource and a unit_status(Available, Busy) .
Jobs have a table that where i need to select which unit is available to do a job .
So in jobs, the table needs to filter out by unit_status. Therefore it links to the childtable which links to unit but how do you filter it if unit_status is =“Available”

Any updates ???

I have the same problem with you. I am developing a customized app called Library Management. The specification of the app required that every registered user is allowed to borrow 3 books (the parameter can be changed from 3 to 7, depend on user requirements). Also, the link to pick up the books from “Books” doctype must have the “Available” status, and when row exit of the table, the status of that book must changed from “Available” to “Reserved”, so that the subsequent books that that user borrows, the book name will not appear in the pick-list (i.e. the link field). Also, if the user delete the row that the book that user borrows, the status of the books changes from “Reserved” to “Available”.

The doctype is submittable, upon submission of the books selected, the books status changed from “Reserved” to “Loaned”. A verification process is required to check whether the period of the book loan is not more than 21 days (parameter set by system user) before the doctype is submitted.