Filtering Print Format tables

Hi Guys, I am trying to find a way to filter values in tables that show up in print formats. I know it is possible to hide and show columns in the print format builder, but is it possible to filter for particular rows also? For example, the sales invoice items table. How would I go about filtering for it to only show particular items and hide the rest in the print format.
Thanks in Advance.

@Apeiron I dont know if you can or not , probably not . but using a custom print format will fix the problem and gives you more flexibility and features.

@bahaou Thanks a lot. However, it seems only to allow manipulating the fields (Columns) and not the values(Rows). I am looking for some kind of value based filter.

I understand sir . you can create the print format using html , and filter the columns when you fetch them + will allow you to edit the entire theme

Hi @Apeiron,

For the suggestion, you create a checkbox field in a table and which row is printed in the print format that checkbox tick and set your condition in print format.


{% if is_checked == 1 %}
// is_checked -> custom field of item table
// set your row according to.
{% endif %}

Thank You!

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