Filtering problem


Recently when we will go to one particular invoice, this list will appear, as what I understood the number of list will appear as per the number of items that is invoiced, but only same invoice number.
For example if we invoiced 5 items for INV-12345, then if we will filter search for this Invoice number all the 5 items in each row will show. Please check below photo:

It seem the filter is on Delivery Note …

why shown so many rows but its same delivery order sir

befor shown one delivery order shown one row but now shown so many rows. example i want sales to customer 3 items but in sales invoice and delivery note shown three rows like above picture

Not sure why, have you made customizations?

dear sir,

please see image once. one invoice shown so many rows same invoice please see once image which i send to you

You are filtering a child table.

A Table A has a child Table B with record ROW 1, ROW3 etc.
So in order the filter to apply you are getting this Right Selection (ROW1).
In words this filters shows same invoices but filter them with each record of Delivery Notes.