Filtering using upper node in tree structure

I think there is a problem with a tree structure in erpnext for example:
if I have Upper Item Group called A under this group I have three children A1, A2, A3
in searching or filtering by the parent group “A” in items I need to show all items under A1, A2, A3
the same issue in the warehouse tree, department tree …etc tree

I think also parent node in a tree structure must be unselectable!

is there any solution for this issue?

any help here?

Hi @Akram_Mutaher

Trust you’re doing great. It’s an issue that’s been raised severally on this forum over the years and I believe there are a few corresponding Github issues open as well. I’d suggest you find the most relevant Github issue for your requirement and lend your voice (and possibly resources) so that it gets more attention


thanks @wale

I will do that, and if you find any solution mention me, please

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