Filters in Script Report

Hi all,
how can we hide the filters fields above the script reports? I want such thing since I need some data during print but don’t want to show them to the user on the report page.

If there is any other way of achieving that, please do kindly let me know.

Hi @kxt5258! Is it a default script report or not? If it is custom, you may want to hard code your filter instead of showing them. This case, you won’t be needing to add the filter. If it is a default report, create a custom report copying the default report script, add the hard-coded filter and delete the filters in the report’s JS.

Thanks @creamdory for the reply. I assume you are talking about hardcoding the filters in the sql statements? However, I want it when printed. For example, I want the user to just filter using an employee but I also need employee_name, division, etc when printing the report.

I tried assigning/adding fields to filters in the python file, but the added fields are not getting passed when the user prints it.