Filters in Select Fields - Defect?

In PO, I can select a disabled Supplier (or a supplier for whom PO is prevented) - by manually typing the Supplier code.

This creates data integrity issues. Isn’t this a serious bug? I see this happening for disabled Item, disabled suppliers etc…I believe any select field that has filters applied on it will have this problem.

Problem statement: Filters applied on a select field can be overridden by manually typing a valid value for that option.g. Let’s Supplier S001 is marked “Prevent for PO”. Ideally this Supplier should not be listed while creating Purchase Orders. While creating Purchase Orders, even though I wont be able to see S001, I can type S001 and tab out - and perfectly create a Purchase Order for that Supplier.

Is my observation right? I’m on Version 10.x.

I want to bring this issue to the attention of Frappe’s Core Dev team…This is becoming a back door entry amongst the users to select a forbidden value in a link field. (E.g. - Suppliers for whom PO is prevented, can still be selected in a PO by manually typing the supplier name.)

Same error has been reported by another user at Frappe forum:

at last someone noticing this issue. i thought i have some error on my code.
hopefully this issue is getting fix soon

“I want to bring this issue to the attention of Frappe’s Core Dev team”

Thanks @kirthi & @anditsung for noting this.

Perhaps umair, nabin et al can confirm it is indeed a defect?

I suggest you add this to Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Where it will earn attention and votes [Tutorial] How to upvote Github issues for non developers

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