Filters not appearing on script report created through custom app

i have created a script report and it is generated successfully but the filters do not appear on the report see image below

I have tried running bench build, bench migrate and bench clear-cache but nothing seems to generate the filters on the report.

here is the report js file

// Copyright (c) 2016, shahid and contributors
// For license information, please see license.txt
/* eslint-disable */

frappe.query_reports["Sales Report Rasusa - Full V1"] = {
	"filters": [
			"label": __("Supplier"),
			"fieldtype": "MultiSelectList",
			"options": "Supplier",
			get_data: function(txt) {
				return frappe.db.get_link_options("Supplier", txt);
			"label": __("Limit"),
			"fieldtype": "Select",
			"options": ["20", "500", "1000", "5000", "10000", "All"],
			"default": 20
			"label": __("Source"),
			"fieldtype": "MultiSelectList",
			"options": "Lead Source",
			get_data: function(txt) {
				return frappe.db.get_link_options("Lead Source", txt);

And here is the minimized version of the report python file

def execute(filters=None):
    if not filters:
        filters = {}

    conditions = get_conditions(filters)
    columns = get_column(filters,conditions)
    data = []

    details = get_details(conditions,filters)
    return columns, data

def get_details(conditions="", filters={}):
    data = frappe.db.sql("""select  i.ifw_retailskusuffix, i.item_code, i.item_name, i.image,
            s.supplier, s.supplier_part_no, i.disabled, country_of_origin,customs_tariff_number,
            from `tabItem Supplier` s inner join `tabItem` i on = s.parent
            where 1 = 1 %s
        """%(conditions), filters, as_dict=1)
    return data

def get_conditions(filters):
    conditions = ""
    suppliers = []
    limit = filters.get("limit")
    if filters.get('supplier'):
        suppliers = frappe.parse_json(filters.get("supplier"))
        # format_strings = ','.join(['%s'] * len(suppliers))
        conditions += " and s.supplier IN %(supplier)s"
    if limit != "All":
        conditions += " limit {}".format(str(limit))
    return conditions    

Any help in resolving this will be greatly appreciated

Hi, there is no issue found in the filter syntax. Check with your browser console for errors, if there is no error, try reload or bench operations like restart, build etc.

Thanks for the reply @jamsheer , console has no errors and i have tried multiple times to run bench build, bench migrate,bench restart and bench clear-cache but nothing seems to work

Found the solution to this i had not written the name of the report properly on the js code the Rasusa word should have been all caps as seen on the screenshot image

frappe.query_reports["Sales Report RASUSA - Full V1"] = {