Filters not working in list view


when trying to select assigned to filter no drop-down list appears with users names
any one else experienced this issue

Hi @A.Mas,
yes, I can reproduce this both on Frappe Framework: v8.10.0 and Frappe Framework: v10.0.25 that there is no filter dropdown on the assigned to. I made sure that there were some items assigned to people. Affects other DocType lists as well.

Hi @lasalesi

Also when i write the correct user email the filter is not working
it affects all filter items with user drop-down like ( created by - assigned to - last updated by - and others)

Dose it have any relations with this ?

I opened an Issue for this

This has nothing to do with the filter not working.

And like @lasalesi said, it has been like this since long.

As far as the code is considered, there has been no change in the standard filters list ( for over 4 years! ). Its a surprise that nobody ever raised any issue regarding this :thinking:

It was working in version 8

Can any one label this issue as a bug on github ?
I think it’s very important to be fixed

Hey, @A.Mas Was this issue fixed?
I’m facing a similar problem.


Could replicate this issue in v13 as well. Thanks for reporting. We will get this fixed.

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It still doesn’t work in version 14 :frowning:
Will it be fixed?