Filters parameters adding into URL

I am using frappe version 14 and
In script report filter are added as parameters in URL.
http://localhost:8000/app/query-report/Multi%20VLCC%20Farmer%20Payment%20Approvals?plant=aaa&cc=bb 2.
And after refresh also filters values are there.

So How we can solve this?

This is expected behaviour. The URL is updated so you can share a link that produces the same results for other users.

Did I miss something?

In frappe 9 that behavior is not there, After page reload data and filter wont retain.

Well, Frappe 9 is years old, and progress happens. Most of us find it useful to have URL represent the exact same thing when opened in another computer. They are URL (Uniform Resource Locator) after all.

Is there any use case where it’s a problem?

Thanks for your time. But what is the conclusion on this? No option to handle this?

This isn’t customizable but you can add JS using app_include_js from a custom app to modify anything.

In this case all you need to do is remove query params from URL.

window.location.href.replace(, "");

Or monkey patch this method to do nothing.

Sure thanks you so much , i will try this method

HI can i call this on onload event. ```
window.location.href.replace(, “”);

if i call on onload page started reloading continous