Finally got Approval for E-Billing from IRD Nepal- ERPNext V13.28 ( Saas)

We proudly announced that ERPNext is now certified by Inland Revenue Department of Nepal (IRD) for E-Billing.

Our IRD Nepal app has addressed following mandatory rule mandate by IRD Nepal :

  • Deletion of invoices once recorded in database should not be possible however cancellation of such record can be done and report of such records should be available to view or to print.

  • If in case invoice needs to be reprinted more than one time, reprinted document should have a visible mark mentioning “copy of original” Such duplicate invoice should also clearly mention for how many times the original invoices has been printed.

  • System should record Audit trail and activity log of every users.

  • The database should be able to record the invoice number on chronological order and also to generate a report so that the details of the invoices could be viewed or printed in table or materialized view.

  • Invoice issued should be synced in real time to “Central Billing Management System (CBMS)” Mainlined by Tax Authority.(They will provide API)

  • Audit Log Server should be stored in software if there is any change in database.

  • Nepali Miti (date) and English date should be there in software because Nepal has its own calendar with Nepali month name.

All Statutory Reports as per IRD Nepal.

  • sales Book
  • Purchase Book
  • Credit Note Book
  • Debit Note Book
  • Above one lakha Customer/ Suppliers
  • VAT Returned ( Maskebari Reports)
  • VAT Confirmation Letter/ Balance Confirmation Letter
  • Annexure- 13
  • Item Wise Sales and Purchase book for IRD upload

For more details contact us
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