Finance Book in Journal entry : V13.34.2


Just updated my systems from V13.27.1 to V13.34.2

I noticed on the journal entry, that there is no longer a field : Finance Book ???

Is this correct ?

I haven’t made an entry to check if it takes the default setting. So I thought I’d ask on
the forum before I do an entry.?

I looked under Account-settings to see if there a new setting to enable so that the
Finance Book can be entered, but I don’t see anything there either.

Would appreciate some assistance because I need to do journal entries to close off
books for last month.

Hi John,

The field still exists, but 9 days ago, they made it Read Only. :man_shrugging:

fix: General Ledger and TB opening entries mismatch issues · frappe/erpnext@6acd032 · GitHub

Good day @brian_pond

Thank you for your assistance, I appreciate it.

Mmm, I see they were trying to fix issue #31439.

This leaves me in a bit of a spot, because now 109 of my JVs are going to have Finance Book
entries and anything from now on won’t.

I did some more “testing”… spun up a 13.27.1 build, and played around with that before
and after updating. And having a look at the mariadb-tables, I can see that the entries for
Finance Book is NULL. And I can UPDATE them (via back-end) and then it does actually show up on the front-end-JV-page.

IF this Read-Only-change fixed issue 31439, then its cool , but if I can’t select the Finance Book, why do they not auto-load it from the Company master?

Mmmm… not sure what I am going to do now … perhaps go back to 13.27.1 ???

Thanks for your time, @brian_pond