Finance charge For due invoices

Is there any Option to apply finance charge for due invoices?


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Hi @Ravindernayak253

You can add this charge in the Payment Journal Entry itself by debiting the Debtors for Party=Customer. Or you will have to cancel-amend the Sales Invoice if you want to maintain the record in Sales Invoice itself. The 3rd option would be to raise an additional invoice for the late payment charge.


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Thank you Anand

But I want that when payment due date of any invoice expired then finance charge automatically applied. we set Finance charge when create invoice.
For example: I have create invoice on 25-09-2015 and payment due date is 30-09-2015 and set Finance charge (added custom field) 5%, so I want that after 30-09-2015 Total amount is automatically set Grand Total + (5% of grand Total).

Hi Ravinder,

This feature isn’t available right now. You might have to customise this. To do this using a custom code, you will have to cancel and amend the invoice, add a tax row called “Financial Charge” and submit the revised invoice.

Anand Doshi

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ohk Anand…thanks for replying

Need this feature as well!

Yes, we call it a service charge in the US and it’s typically added if a customer doesn’t pay their invoice within the specified terms. We track it in a different GL entry as well.

@charlie-cook Add a GitHub issue for this feature request.


Added here: Finance/Service Charge added automatically · Issue #14842 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub