Financial Analytics Problems

I just got upgraded to version 5 via the cloud instance. I immediately noticed that the Financial Analytics module for a Monthly View was giving me different results from Version 4. When I checked it, it looks like it was taking the 2nd day of the month until the 1st day of the following month for the financials. As such, the May 1 DR and CR columns are taking April 2 until May 1. Please address this ASAP as it was working fine on version 4.

Can you replicate this on ?

Yes I can. Here is what I did:

  1. I entered 4 transactions - sales of 1180, 2730, 5895, and 4344 for the dates of 07-01-2015, 07-15-2015, 07-31-2015, and 08-01-2015 respectively.
  2. When I run the monthly P&L, I get an entry of 1180 for 07-01-2015 column and 12969 for the 08-01-2015 column.
  3. If I run the yearly P&L and put in the dates 07-01-2015 until 07-31-2015, I get the total of 9805 which is the correct amount.

It’s on the site as of 2:45 PM NY time (EDT).

It looks like this issue was fixed in my cloud instance in the last release. Thanks.