Financial report in other then default currency?

I have a multi-company, multi-currency scenario here.

Company A - USD
Company B - CNY

In order to record financial events this is clear and also to have reports in the default company is clear.
Now in order for the management to understand the financial situation of the Group (both companies) it would be very beneficial to either …

  1. be able to either show the reports for Company A as well in CNY (in addition to the regular USD report) or (and that’s the ideal case)
  2. show a financial report (lets say Profit & Loss for example) that gathers data from both Companies.

for 2 I could imagine an approach like whether there was a a hierarchy of different companies, you add a (virtual) mother with 2 children (the 2 physical entities mentioned above). And the reports pf the mother are being drawn from the childrens Accounts.

          mother (virtual)  --> shows consolidated financial reports in CNY
           /            \
          /              \
  child-A (USD)       child-B (CNY)

@vrms this feature does not exist out of the box.

@rmehta do you refer to either “reports in a different currency” or “hierarchy among different companies” in one site/deployment, or both?

I have been exploring for the same issue. I wish to have Multi Currency Reports both in USD and AED but have been unable to find a solution in ERP Next. Could you please help on this issue?