Financial Year & Invoice Serial Number not updating in Production Server

I am using Production Server. I unable to change financial year and serial number in sales invoice. I have tried Lot . I Created New financial year , I set year in Globle setting. but its not working. I reload web page, etc…But My invoice serial number is continuing with previous Year serial number. Like SEW/051/2017-18, SEW/052/2017-18, SEW/052/2017-18, etc…

But I want Current Year Sales Invoice serial Number Like , SEW/001/2018-19, SEW/002/2018-19, etc…

Any body help me , Plz…

I am using Latest current version.


You will have to manually set new Naming Series for the new financial year. Naming Series is not auto-created for each financial year.

Hello sir,
I created naming series manually. But serial number of sales invoice continue with previous years serial number like 50’51,52 etc
. Not start with current year serial number 001, 002, 003, etc…
I tried prefix also and set value. Etc…

Where am I going wrong. Plz explain.

Can you please share the screenshots of how naming series is configured in your ERPNext account?

The usual culprit is reloading of site to clear cache. Before that I think thr previous series needs to be deleted. Faced similar issue when I changed FY 2017 to 2018. Above 2 steps fixed it.

Sir, I have attached screenshot of Configured naming series in my case. Plz see & solve it.![1|666x500](/uploads/default/orig


any update regarding naming series.

I noticed that , if i Place ### between , SEW/ AND /2017-.YY. then naming series serial no in invoice 001, 002, 003 etc print well for financial year 2017-18. When i Update to FY 2018-19, Then serial no. of invoice not start with serial no. 001, 002, etc.

Serial no. of invoice continue with previous FY 2017-18 With serial no. 004,005,006, etc…

2nd Case

If i place ### in last, like SEW/2018-.YY./.###. & SEW/2019-.YY./.### then serial No. always strats with 001, for each financial year.

I want to print serial no. invoice like SEW/001/2017-18 ,SEW/001/2018-19 for each FY