Find sales order from Quotation


We send a quotation (QTN-00017) and the customer decides to accept. So we go to the quotation and click Make sales order. We end up with this screen

Great. Now a few days or weeks later a customer is on the phone and is enquiring about his order. So we say “can you give us the quotation number”.

Customer says “QTN-00017” We go to the above screen and find QTN-00017 and we can see that it has been ordered. So we click on the quotation > BUT it does not take us to the sales order. It just takes us into the quotation

How can we find the sales order made from the quotation?

Open Quotation, click on Menu>Links

You will see the sales order number and you click on it to go to sales order.


Wow, thanks

loving this system, and great forum with excellent help and advice :grin: