FinTS Account Problems: Could not load sepa accounts with error

Dear my friends,

we are absolutely new inside the ERPNext community. At the time we are setting up our self hosted ERPNext. Therefore we wanted to install the FinTS App on our Server. Also the credentials are all correct, we get an error message all the time:

Sadly, I also cannot find any information inside of our log files. Would be great, if anybody can help us with that topic. :slight_smile:

Maybe @jHetzer can help you out :slight_smile:

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Hey @sebawie_maja
unfortunately the error is quite unspecific.
You might use a different local FinTS Client like Hibiscus to check the connection to your bank account.

I hope this narrows the issue a little bit down. I had a similar issue when the online banking required a TAN for the initial login which is currently not handled in ERPNextFinTS.

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