First Depreciation calculation using Written down Value method is different than remaining months

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@anandbaburajan Kindly please take a look, or please help tagging right person.

I would like to understand Why the first month Depreciation calculation using “Written down Value method” is different than remaining months ?

I am using Assets Management Module, without any customization, and I noticed the following behavior -

  1. I created an Asset & Asset Category (Method - Written Down Value, Depreciate - Monthly for 1 year)

  2. Run the Depreciation Schedule, and noticed that the First row depreciation value is different to the remaining 11 months depreciation. (As show in Screenshot attached, of v14)

  3. Also checked the asset code, the #first row (docstring) in code shows how the calculation is made different.

So is this a bug? or purposefully? if yes kindly please explain the functional/accounting reason for the same, thanks

@Darshan_Patel1 what’s the available from use date?

@anandbaburajan Available from Use date & Purchase date both are set to 1st Jan '23

@anandbaburajan Hello Anand,

Any suggestion on this topic? I am planning to implement this Asset Management System in near future, but I am not sure as the WDV method calculation for the first row doesn’t look right, kindly share your thoughts on this, thanks

Hello there,

Any inputs here on this topic?

Can someone check this scenario for Written Down Value method, the First row depreciation value seems different than other months.