First ERPNext Meetup in Pune, India

Here we go 1st ERPNext Meetup in Pune.

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Hey All,
One month to go for Pune’s ERPNext Meetup

Hey All,
Updates of Pune Meetup.

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11 days to go for 1st ERPNext Meetup in Pune.

Dear Everyone,
This event is open for all. Due to some or the other reason, if you are not able to mark your “RSVP:Yes” still you are most welcome.

Attend this meetup and become a part of growing community of ERPNext.

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Those who are not able to mark your “RSVP:Yes”, they can drop me email at

It will help us to judge the attendance for meetup.

5 days to go for Pune’s 1st ERPNext Meetup -


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Meetup Venue Address:
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.
2nd Floor, SumanSudha Building,
NDA-Pashan Road, Bavdhan, Pune.

LANDMARK - Opp. Nebula Hotel / Beside Elephant Design / Beside OM Hospital

MAP LOCATION - Google Maps

Call 020-65700800 / 9730010554 for more details.

Dear All,
I hope you are coming tomorrow for ERPNext Meetup in Pune. It is open for all and there is no registration fees. Those who are interested in listening ERPNext founder Mr. Rushabh Mehta and those who like to try ERPNext for their organization then this is the right platform to connect and discuss.

For more details, refer:

Meetup Venue Address:
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd., SumanSudha Building, 2nd Floor, NDA-Pashan Road, Bavdhan, Pune.

LANDMARK - Opp. Nebula Hotel / Beside Elephant Design / Beside OM Hospital

MAP LOCATION - Google Maps

Call 020-65700800 / 9730010554 for more details.

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Thanks @rushabh_mehta and @erpnext Team for becoming part of meetup held in Pune. Many thanks to Indictrans Team for organizing meetup in Pune this time. Nice to see many people turning up for ERPNext meetup. It shows there is a good traction in Pune for ERPNext. We hope good for building such ecosystem for community.

I personally feel very happy for becoming part of such healthy discussion in meetup.

Let’s hope for more such meetup in coming future.


Thanks @kanhaiya for hosting it, it was a great meetup :slight_smile: It was our pleasure to come!

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Here we go with the updates of Pune’s ERPNext Meetup

This was Pune’s 1st ERPNext meet up and it was organized by Indictrans Team on 14th January 2017. It was a good experience to organize this event and we would like to thank you all for making it a success. It was heartening to receive an unexpected participation from over ~40 people. The attending crowd consisted of people from Frappè Team, Academicians, Customers, Probable Customers, Enthusiasts, Students, Service Providers, Freelancers and Indictrans Team.

Meetup started with a recent Success Story of implementing ERPNext at Frost Group Nigeria. Mr. Gupteshwar (co-founder of Indictrans) presented this case study. Indictrans Team did this implementation with the help of Mr. Abraham L, of Goldenwave Technologies, Nigeria. This is a unique implementation we delivered using the capabilities of ERPNext Roles, Permissions and Access Policies. Frost Group is a group of companies having five independent business units managed through the Mother Company. The unique value Indictrans could offer to the Frost group through our solution consisted of ERP functionalities limited to each individual business units but data access to group CEO to suit their organisational structure.

We discussed about challenges faced during the implementation, solutions arrived at through ERPNext, other implementation details and summarized it to highlight the efforts in making the solution a success for the client.

Prof. Shrikant Mulik representing NMIMS College, Mumbai, took over the dais to address another session. His address was on the ‘Adaptability and Perception of businesses for right fit for an organisation’. There is decent range of products with variety of features and still without any license fees.
These are very cost effective for usage. Most of the times businesses fall short of evaluating a right fit by sifting through all necessary parameters, and instead they go by their gut feeling of market adaptability. This leads to higher costs and lower returns. There need to be equal efforts from eco-system as well as peripheral units or individuals to raise awareness and build confidence in the industry about evaluating the
right fit to reach out to right needs in market.

ERPNext founder Mr. Rushabh Mehta (the man who made possible the best for next generation ERP) took over from Prof. Shrikant. First, he shared the updates on ERPNext Foundation and next step forward. He shared his thoughts as a part of foundation, apprised us on the new mantra of 20% contribution from the community in coming days to boost the community driven contribution.

Then he updated on the ERPNext 8 (new release) with major features such as Kanban, Email Inbox, Audit Trail and many more fixes. He emphasized on the “Quality” of product. He mentioned “Quality is
Attitude”, “Quality delivers value (profitability)”. He added how it is important to adhere to this value system driven by Quality. It reminded us of a sentence, ‘Cycle is temporary. Class is Permanent – JRD’.

Later Rushabh added, “Success for an Open Source product lies in the practice that, when someone adds a value to the product for self, that value comes back to community as well for future use”. This has multiple benefits. One crucial benefit is that, it saves redevelopment efforts and costs for others and original contributor gets an assurance of the added feature’s maintenance forever. This is much required education for the business owners adopting ERPNext for self.

Next session was mainly related to “Contribution to ERPNext planned by the Indictrans Team”. This includes FedEx and QuickBooks integration with ERPNext. Suyash, Arpit and Gupteshwar from Indictrans Team presented the integration work done by them. Presentation was followed by Q&A. Rushabh gave us many suggestions and feedback over design and name of the App. He shared his views that with more efforts in this direction this addition could become a part of core product. To make it more generic, 15-25% more work would be required. In this discussion, Mr. Yashodhan added his thoughts and shared his feedback about integrations. He underscored the need of such a feature for logistic management organizations.

Even the lunch time turned out to be a lively affair. Networking and various discussions happened during the lunch breaks.

Post lunch, Mr. Satish shared his thoughts about ERPNext and his past experience in SAP. He recently
started exploring market of ERPNext as a service provider.

Then meetup moved to last session of Prize Distribution. Indictrans Team has been conducting quizzes in last 20 days before meetup and over ~35 people participated in it. Quiz winners have been awarded with

The Meetup was an exciting and informative expecting more such great meetups in future.

Thanks everyone for becoming a part of ERPNext Meetup.

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