First time using ERPNext with Woocommerce

Hello there community,
I am new here working for Fractal AF we’re a company in the retail industry accross several countries. The whole team working remotely so we’re deploying on the Cloud. I would like to use the woocommerce connector available in the marketplace to synchronise our inventory but I’m not sure which plan I should take for this ??
I have trouble understanding how benches work and how the Frappe Cloud plan differenciates with the Cloud plan we took with ERPNext

I’ve already contacted the support but I we would like to connect to our woocommerce asap and Orevall I want to understand how the infrastructure works. !

Do you have it in the Frappe cloud?
The products are simple or with variables.

No I don’t even have the connector yet my domain extension is

When I want to install the connector am invited to create a new site with Fcloud hosting

What does it mean excatly that the connector will not work with a domain?

Oh and if it’s your question yes our products have variables.

The frappe cloud connector does not synchronize variants.

Is there a way to get it to synchronize variants too?

Overall i think we can still work with that in the meantime

There is a Woocommerce app from Muzzy that syncs variants, but I don’t know if there is how to configure it in the Frappe cloud, I have tested it on our VPS hosted systems.

I have not used Frappe Cloud.
I work with self-hosted systems.

Hello We’ve managed to install it on our site uning Frappe Cloud. Could you point me to right direction to configure our woocommerce connector ?
What are the next steps to sync and import our items?

Thank you
All best

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The first thing you need to do is to configure the connector and check if it links to the Wordpress site.

You are using the connector that is integrated in Erpnext.

Thank you @Leo_Sarmiento I managed to figure it out in Woocommerce Config. Iam using the woocommerce connector built by @libracore on github. Now I just have an issue importing orders with variants. Are you aware of this issue as well? I’ve opened an issue on the repo here : Orders with variants not being able to be imported · Issue #80 · libracore/WooCommerceConnector · GitHub

You are configuring the ID’s correctly.
There are 2, the woocommerce ID that would be the template ID and the woocommerce variant ID that corresponds to the variant.
Additional once synchronized … do not touch it, it synchronizes automatically or you change the ID’s.

That is why I don’t understand why I receive this error message in the woocommerce log :confused:

from What i saw the id 22654 is the template ID and matches the woocommerce ID
but not the variant ID. And that is why the order can’t be imported however it should sync because the Template Id matches. Is there a config i need to change so templates can be considered as a unique product?

How do you have the IDs configured in the product.
You can send a screenshot

I am setting up a new system…I set it up with Woo and see if I have any problems.

Sorry I was a little busy … but I already set up the ERPNEXT test system with the Woocommerce connector of Libracore for the synchronization of variants in version 14, everything is functional the only error I found so far is something related to taxes and the version of MariaDB when synchronizing the order I am reviewing and the images in ERPNEXT.