Fiscal Year addition and change


I have been unable to add new Fiscal Year. Current fiscal year is Set from 1-Jan-2016 to 31-Dec-2016 which is also set as global setting. When I try to add a new one with 1-April-2016 to 31-Mar-2016, following messages are displayed.

“ Year start date or end date is overlapping with 2016. To avoid please set company” & “Fiscal Year 2016-2017 already exists”

I have always attempted with unique Year name.

Can anyone help me with this?

Fiscal Year Start Date should not be greater than Fiscal Year End Date.

-Please check when you add new Fiscal year then it should be 1 Jan 2017 to 31-Dec 2017
-Already you have set Fiscal year for 2016 and again you are trying to put same year by changing months,its not possible.

Thanks shraddha, figured that out. But I was under the assumption that it
would allow the same as multiple companies is allowed and few companies
have different start months for FY.

On Fiscal Year form, you can add multiple company in child table ,no need to create again new fiscal year.
but you can not create different starts month for different company.

otherwise go with “Multi tenancy” .

Hi Shraddha, I have created a year already and it starts from 1st Jan 2017 to 31s Dec 2017. But I prefer to have it from April 1st to March 30th 2018. Is it possible to change? Or do i need to set up an entire new installation?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @Deepak_Pai,
-if there is no transaction between 1st Jan 2017 to 31s Dec 2017 ,then delete this fiscal year and create new April 1st to March 30th 2018.

  • if transaction is present against this (1st Jan 2017 to 31s Dec 2017)fiscal year ,then you ca not delete it. That time
    You just create new fiscal year and set as “Default”. (Remove ‘default’ from old fiscal year)

Thanks Shraddha,

That is the problem. There are some records (a few) that does not allow me to delete the year.
When i try to create a new year with some overlapping dates (with the year I cant chance) then it says … “years overlapping”…

My only choice is to delete all transactions.
Is it possible to delete all company transactions?
I dont have too many transactions.
But seems to be difficult. Thanks for your help.


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You can delete company transaction,from ‘Company’ master form.

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Thanks. It worked for 2 out of the 3 companies I had set up. Now, I have another problem.

  1. The 3rd company has a cancelled PO and it refuses to delete it, even when i reset the company transactions.
  2. I still cannot delete the year from the global default. It gives strange errors.
    In the Global Default, the “Current Fiscal Year” is set to 2017-18. The Fiscal year 2017-18 has start and end date as the calendar year. When i go there, and go to menu and hit delete, it errors out saying : You cannot delete Fiscal Year 2017-18. Fiscal Year 2017-18 is set as default in Global Settings.
    But then i cant do anything. I cant create a new year because it says it over laps.

How do i remvove “default from old fiscal year” ?