Fiscal Year Transition to Calendar Year - Required by Law

Hello. Our prior fiscal year series began Oct1 and ended Sep 30 (as per country regulations). By new law starting in 2020 (in our country)- the fiscal year needs to coincide with Calendar year - from Jan 1 to Dec 31 2020.

When I try to create a new fiscal year 2020 - ERPnext gives me error - saying that period overlaps with prior fiscal year Oct 1 2019 to Sep 30 2020. I tried creating a new PCV - to end the prior fiscal year. It does not let me add a new fiscal year due to period overlap. I tried creating a short fiscal year of 3 months - but ERPnext requires fiscal year to be 12 months.

How do I make this transition? Appreciate any guidance. Thanks.

Adjust previous calendar year and change the end date to 31-12-2019

I am on V12 - and I cannot seem to adjust the fiscal year end date. How do you edit that date? For a new year it forces it to be 12 months from start date - so cannot adjust it for new year as well.

Latest V12, same need. Required by law to move to calendar fiscal year. ERPNext does not allow fiscal years to be shorter OR longer than 12 months. Thus impossible to see how to change an existing business to calendar year fiscal years.

Can I just change the start and end dates directly in the database without repercussion? Is the fiscal year stored directly in any transaction field or just used as report filter?

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