Fisheries Business

Dear All,
I’m just curious to know about ERPNext Agriculture domain can support Fisheries business procedure?

Good question. Compared to what ERPNext features are already existing vs. what you need, what would you say is missing? :slight_smile:

Hi @nomanhaider
We’re working on a a large fish farm project here in the US. By fisheries, I assume you mean offshore fishing (wild fish); that lines up with the common usage of the term “fisheries” here in the US anyway.
I’m interested to hear what you need. I’m kinda the livestock guy around here and while I suspect there won’t be rapid development on that or even much further development from the community on the Agriculture branch until there’s more money behind it. So, to echo @Not_a_countant, I’d be interested in what you need and what your business needs.


I’m preparing my SRS than will publish in forum.