Fixed Asset are not linked with ledgers

I am encountering 2 Issues
First, regarding fixed asset ledger…

To Create a Fixed Asset,
first we make an item
Second we select option is it a fixed asset as “YES”
Third, We select the warehouse where its placed …

when we select yes for purchase item , what expense account should be allocated here? it does not let us select fixed asset ledger
say i buy furniture equipment, its an asset so i can not assign direct or indirect expense to it,
Accounting entry is
Fixed asset - Furniture Dr
Cash / Bank Cr

Also their values are only showing in the assigned default warehouse, not in the fixed asset ledgers (Capital Equipment, Computer, Furniture… etc.)

Second issue is, the warehouse contains Stock as well as Fixed assets … As warehouse is used mainly for stocks so its under parent account of stock assets, but how to differentiate fixed asset items who are also in this warehouse?
they should not be under stock assets …
Do I have to make a separate warehouse for Fixed Assets?
stock warehouse under stock assets and fixed asset warehouse under fixed assets
but then i have to make same warehouse twice, and even if i do that, the duplicate names are not allowed

I think i have figured it out
if you are buying an item and going to use it for more then a year then its fixed asset by definition
so during item setup, select NO for "is it Stock Item "
make a purchase receipt and then make an invoice
while converting receipt to invoice, click on item and select expense head for the asset, e.g computers goes to computer, furniture goes to furniture and fixture etc
and the relevant account ledgers will be updated

Now there arises another issue,
in taxes and charges section, The only option allowed is “TOTAL”
“Valuation” OR “total and valuation” can not be selected,
As for a fixed asset, all expenses incurred to bring asset to its running condition are part of the asset cost and so are added to its cost
like custom paid, delivery, installation charges etc.
The “Valuation” OR “total and valuation” allows to add value to the cost of the item, “total” option does not add value to its cost
so please look into it