Fixed Asset Depreciation - Revisited

Hi All,

For the past few days i had been getting Messages regarding the status of Integration of Fixed Asset Depreciation Module. Therefore I thought of giving yet another go at this module, and finally somehow managed to get this thing WRAPPED up in an Independent Application.

It is available for testing at GitHub - akshay83/fa_depreciation

The major function of this application is to generate a Depreciation Report that can be used along with the Balance Sheet.

It has been almost a year since I submitted the pull request. The basic functions of the application are still the same as they were. To get an Idea of what this application does see Fixed Asset Depreciation - #3 by mehta_akshay. There might be a little change and I have tried to describe most of the fields in there respective document(s).

I am not a seasoned developer and I would like to reiterate that this was done specifically for meeting my organizations requirements in a Home build Software made in Java. (I did not research to a very vast extent in making this application/module). And as I have always said earlier that this was a conversion from JAVA to ERPNext.

Again I think this application is still very RAW (Needs more of Validations, Clean-up, Aesthetics etc) and would Request the community to share the feedback (most importantly is it useful to the community?) and if possible take this application forward.



hope the team will find time polish this improvement and add it to the standard (cloud) deployment

Would love if this module is tested and made part of Erpnext

@mehta_akshay thanks, you are a :star:

We will work on this soon.

Hows the work on this going on