Fixed Asset Management rental company

We are rental company that deals with heavy equipment. for example: Mobile Crane.
How can we get equipment wise report? For example… expenses, and Rental sales of an asset (equipment).
and in this situation is the rental equipment a fixed asset?

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You can create a main cost center with equipment Rental and create all your heavy equipments as child cost center. They way u can track revenue and cost associated with each equipment

Yes heavy equipment cost is your fixed asset but the rental is your revenue

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We have rental company of heavy equipment’s. and we are giving services of equipment.

  1. can i make the equipment account in item or chart of account in fixed account?
  2. where i will make the account of purchasing product like, diesel, lubricant etc.

i made the equipment account in item, but when i will track the sales invoice equipment. so i will check sales wise report.
or check the expenses of equipment so check the profitability analysis.
so kindly guide me about the proper account where i can track the equipment sales & expenses together.

Sorry i couldn’t get ur question. Please explain