Fixed Asset revaluation and depreciation

Hi, I have a doubt related to a “special” kind of asset. This is the case:

We’re using ERPNext for a milking dairy farm where we have calves (with an initial value around 200 USD), and after around 27 months from their birth they become milking cows, so they need to be revalued because its value as fixed asset become higher (around 1500 USD). After this time, they become a more unusual asset because they start to produce milk (income) but in addition, they continue raising its value for the next 3 years where they get the higher valuation (around 2500 USD). During this time when we raise them we have to invest in them (milk, calf concentrate, etc.), so, we need to process that expenses like investments on that fixed asset. After the 5th year, the cows start to depreciate as a normal fixed asset.

Any help will be very appreciated. Regards.

i have the same issue , i have products which expire date ends , and don’t know how to Destruction

Calves are no exactly fixed assets, but biological assets. Here you can find some info that may guide you to learn how to account the biological assets

IAS 41- Agriculture

PwC guide to accounting for agricultural assets