Fixed Asset with variants

Hello, i am trying to create a template item (for pickup trucks) it would be an asset. The problem i am running is that when i select “is fixed asset”, the variants section dissapears. Is this a bug? Am i doing something wrong?

I managed to create an asset template, wrote all variants before selecting “is fixed asset”, create variants works fine, but the variants section dissappeared. I can generate item variants with the current properties, but can not add another variant type.

The variants section should be between dashboard and accounting

Thanks for any help

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No that’s not a bug. Variants are normally not associated to fixed assets, and for simplicity it gets hidden. Variants are normally used to create the same item but in different sizes or colors. You can certainly use the same concept for fixed assets.

Personally, I would leave it like that and create the fixed assets you need.

But if you really need it, you could “hack” the page by creating a Custom Script (Client Script in JS) which shows the Variable Tab once is Fixed Asset is selected. You do this by writing js code on the is_fixed_asset field change. This will force the variable tab to show it self again.


Why aren’t variants associated to fixed assets?
Imagine I have a Laptop as a fixed asset and needed to add the different specs of the Laptop like RAM, HDD, Screen-size etc to it? So, shouldn’t the variants be available to fixed Assets as well?