Fixed Assets entry with no depreciation


I am trying to add an asset to the system but the asset is a land and it should not have any depreciation as the value of the land will remain the same for the life time.

I have added the assets, but since I need to have an asset category the system will automatically fetches the rules of depreciation defined in the asset category and hence the depreciation takes place.

Could you kindly advise me on how to add an asset to the system with out any

I would appreciate your kind reply. thank you

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I have exactly the same issue, can you help?

I just want to add an asset with no depreciation. How can I do that?

The team needs to know that not all fixed asset must be depreciated.The solution is to make the number of depreciation and frequencies of depreciation non mandatory

So as of now is there any way to enter assets into the system with no depreciation?

I would appreciate your assistance.

i suppose manual JV entry is the way to go?