Fixed Assets with serial Nos

Some of my fixed assets have serial numbers and I assigned these numbers to items in fixed assets (warehouse). Now All of these fixed assets with serial numbers are listed in the “Serial No List” list as available, but really, they are not available since they are in used by my business and are not available for customers or resale. How do I “deliver” these fixed assets to myself to change the status “Available” to not available? Or is there a way to change their status directly?

As a work around you can create a customer record for won company. And you can deliver those fixed asset item to that customer in zero value. Not an elegant solution, but that is the only way right now.

Ok, I will do that for now. Perhaps a new Asset Management module would be an useful additional to ERPNext? Odoo has this moudle.

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I have found a semi work around for this. Check it out here:

If a google-translation won’t work to make it understandable send me a message :slight_smile: