Fixed checklist creation


I am new to ERPNext.

Is it possible to create a check list for sales partner creation like below as a table

1 Photo copy of GST certificate
2 Photo Copy of PAN
3 Applicaton from the Proposed distributor on his lettter head
4 Security Cheque
5 KYC details of all Promoters/Directors/Partners


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Hi welcome to ERPNext!

Yes these are quite doable, the docs are here ERPNext Manual: Table of Contents and many youtube videos will point the way too.

Task, ToDo, Workflow will help in your learning.

ERPNext provides tools for end users to do much of whatever customizations they require.

When you are stuck a forum search will give you pointers!

Did you try the workflow, it has option for milestone and completeness percentage option.

Thanks for the response. I was digging deep, but not able to achieve my requirement.
I want to create a section( say enclosures) in a document type with field as table with predefined values. I am able to add table field (with editable child table) but how to set/fetch predefined set of data in it

I was also in need of setup like this.

A project with tasks and workflow is made.

Project start
Workflow Task1 - USER1
SubTask1 - collect multiple documents
SubTask2 - Pay fees and generate challan
SubTask3 - Update the challan number in a field
SubTask4 - Take printouts of the challan

Workflow Task 2 - USER2
SubTask1 - Send documents via courier
SubTask2 - enter the courier details

… It moves like this

So I need to create this kind of workflow which is having Tasks and Subtasks. Help needed in creating the Task and subtask where the Checklist for documents can be created. If all documents are collected then only fees can be paid and so on …

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Bumping this to ask if any of these commenters implemented something like this successfully?

I am trying to do something similar. Essentially I’d like to have canned checklists added to doctypes. Straightforward use case is when a new Employee is created, I’d like to have an onboarding checklist that gets added to the record. I was thinking I might do this by making a “Checklist Item” DocType and adding a table field to Employee. I could also just do it with a text field that has a default value with the checklist.

Was curious if someone had a more elegant way to do this. We have a lot of use cases for a setup like this. Essentially a number of “checklist” steps that must be completed which are then validated to move to next workflow step.


Maybe use workflow state conditions on fields within a single doctype record entry?

Or child table of “Onboarding steps” with completed = yes / no values

Then in processing of your (submitable?) doctype you evaluate for each onboarding step to allow closing (completed = yes) the next step.

But also depends if the steps can be ran concurrently or not – probably yes to concurrent steps for onboarding checklist/workflow. (i.e. IT may be provisioning equipment at same time HR is processing documentation). If a group of steps can be ran concurrently, but must be completed before later_step2, then you can just validate that the prerequisite group of steps are all completed before allowing later_step2 to be marked as completed. Maybe you can group these into sections with text instructions “These steps can be executed concurrently” “This steps requires the previous block of steps to be completed first” to make the form more understandable for users.

So in that case you may have a final review/sign off of the completed checklist.

Sorry I don’t have exact method, but just some general concepts of how you might accomplish by having conditions on the fields.

The child table could work. We could stuff a bunch of “Todo Items” into a child table on creation?


Were you able to achieve this? I am facing the same use case but am unable to preload the table with ToDo items.

it is very useful feature request.

Hi @flexy2ky , were you able to preload the table with ToDo items?