Fixed Cycle cost

Hi everyone,
Can anyone help me to remove the “fixed cycle cost”.

there is no option to disable the “fixed cycle cost” in workstation or operation.

@santosh_baburao which version of ERPNext are you using ? are you using the latest version ?

Thanks for reply.

I am not sure how to decide which version it is? But it is latest virtual image.

We have removed the field some time back. can you please update the system by running bench update from the terminal.

Update is failed. It shows error.

It shows following error.

Please check for the problem. I have to show the demo of erpnext with my boss this week.

Not sure about the error. Please send across the entire trace of the error message and also share the version you are using. You can find it under about section.

I am sharing the snapshot of update error with you, kindly help to resolve.
Erpnext: v6.1.1 and frappe framework: v6.2.0.