[Fixed] ERPNext.com 1 user signup fails

  1. over ERPNext site i clicked “sign up - free for 1 user”,
    then i fill up the form and click on confirmation link that was send to
    me via email. Then i receive another mail with Complete registration
    link, on form i fill out all field and there is pop up massage that says
    "Sub-domain can only contain letters, numbers and hyphens. Please try
    again. " Wait some time try again, try another browser, restart
    machine, nothing.

i don’t understand:

why this happening? What i am doing wrong?

  1. i try over virtual appliance and no help. On virtual appliance (ERPNext-production.ova) when machine is ready i type user and pass frappe but in browser (localhost) dialog when prompted to fill up user Administrator and pass admin nothing happens, only massage show up "The site says: “XDB”!?

i try to google this issue but found nothing helpfull. Do you have some troubleshoot? How to start using ERPNext?

Just now even I tried to signup free for 1 user I was not able get the system up.

Here are the steps:

  1. I filled the Signup form https://erpnext.com/signup?plan=Free
  2. I got the email verification mail.
  3. I clicked the email verification link in it and I was redirected to this page
  4. After couple of minutes I got other mail"Verify Your Account"
  5. When I clicked on Complete Registration Link I was redirected to this page
  6. I doubled checked if have entered some space or special characters for subdomain. But nope.

Please help me get this one fixed.


Continuing from Step 6 in above post:

  1. I updated the field as mytestcompany instead of mytestcompany.erpnext.com. And clicked Setup Account.
  2. I get the message this subdomain is already taken.

I guess the Complete Registration link in Verify Account email is not given properly.

Please look into this. Also request to send the url where I can signInto Free 1 user account.



@jmadhav @niko Thanks for reporting. It will be fixed soon.

@saurabh6790 @neilLasrado I have opened issue as follows:

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