Fixed salary amount component in payroll

HI, I am looking for a solution in Payroll. We have a salary component named Petrol Allowance, Vehicle Maintenance Allowance, and so on. In which we give a fixed sum of amount to an employee on a monthly basis. The problem is that, for each employee, it may vary, e.g. Someone has PKR 1000, some has 2000 and the other has 1500.

I am unable to find a configuration in ERPNext where I can define them. Please help me if we have any solution in current ERPNext version.

Thanks in advance.

It must be based on some condition? like how you decided that which employees have 1000 and which will have 2000? We can work with conditions

HI @Khadija, Thanks for the reply. But unfortunately, there is not any specific condition. The sales guy who has to travel long, have high value and the others has low values. Also, it is time-based, like he has 1500 for the next three months and then 2000 after that. It is strongly associated with the employee.

Then maybe you can use additional salary component as it is seperate for every employee and we can mention amount too.

Yes, I had considered it. But, for “Additional Salary”, we have to add them every month manually for each employee. Is there not any automatic mechanism where I just defined the value and duration for each employee and it start working.

Then you can add a new field in employee doctype where you store this amount and in the component set amount formula to that field, so each time that amount will be fetched