Fixed Section Width

Hi Guys

In some sections of the forms, for example, sales order > sales order item my client needs to see more than default fields.

I have tried to add columns by ticking “In List View” but only a specific number of fields are displayed. I think it is because the width of section is fixed. So I tried to add it by setting a big number in Section Break > Width. But it seems that this function doesn’t work. What I expect is that I can add the width of section, so consequently the number of displayable fields in section increased and maybe the user can scroll horizontally to view all fields.

Can anyone help me in this?



Standard list views allow a restricted number of columns, but users can switch to “report view” list, and manage column display (if needed custom script can help)

Hi Mary,

The only available control for adjusting the width is named ‘columns’

When you enter a value for ‘columns’, you are choosing how many 11ths (elevenths). Let’s say you enter ‘2’. That means your field will take up 2/11 of the total width of the grid/list. (Please note there are various exceptions, but this is the general idea.)

There are no easy workarounds. The difficult workarounds involve writing your own HTML and JS to create custom layouts and grid designs. You can read more on this topic here.