[Fixed] Upgrade to v13.17.0 breaks display when communication is linked

I’ve updated to v13.17.0 today and since then when I visit a DocType like Supplier that has communication linked to the page is blank, just headers appear:

This also happens with issues etc.

I think the upgrade broke the link between the doctype and the communication.

Is anyone else encountering this? As I’m new to ERPNext I’m not sure where and how to get some help on this as I presume this is work for the actual developers…

yes some of us encountered this issue today . idk what the solution is but try to update npm and reinstall requirements. hoping they fix this soon .

Is there an error in the browser console something like this?
frappe.utils.capitalize is not a function

In that case, need to manually apply this fix right now till it is merged to the stable version-13 branch.

Thank you for chiming in kartik, but I can’t find any error like frappe.utils.capitalize is not a function in the browser console.

The issue seems fixed with the patch that came in today.
Updated to Frappe Framework: v13.17.1 and the pages show as they should now.

I updated to frappe 13.17.1 and still have the problem in sales order