"Fixing Autocomplete Issue with Frappe in VS Code on Linux and Docker Environment: Solution

While working with Frappe in VS Code within a Linux and Docker environment, I faced an issue where autocomplete was not functioning properly. The code suggestions and methods were not displaying, although hover tooltips were working as expected. Through careful troubleshooting, I found that the issue was tied to the Python interpreter path in this specific setup. By correctly setting the python.defaultInterpreterPath to ${workspaceFolder}/frappe-bench/env/bin/python , I was able to solve the problem and restore autocomplete functionality. This solution ensures that the editor has access to all necessary libraries and packages related to the interpreter, enabling a seamless coding experience. If you are working with Frappe in a similar environment and facing issues with autocomplete in VS Code, you may find this fix beneficial.


Just commenting here thanking you for taking the time and post the solution. It works and saved me the headache.

Thank You!