Fixing broken images in ERPNext Documentation

Hello Community,

Few months back we took an initiative and tried to fix all the broken URLs and images for the Documentation. But still there are few broken images left. I would like to request you all if you come across any broken image, please report it here so that we can fix them at the earliest.


I think all old images are here:

Maybe we can take new images and update the relevant pages.

also in the documentation still see old paths to settings


Can you please point out where specifically so that we can fix them.

Here’s one (top of page)

I think it may not be an image but broken link to code example

If I see others I will report them


Here’s another one in 1. Create a new Report section 1 only section 1 and 3 section 4

There’s probably more In dint have time to check all dev pages. this page has wrong formatting

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Thanks @Julian_Robbins for reporting these broken images. We will fix them at the earliest.

Added to github, will fix soon.

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