Fixing caching issues while DocType editing

When @netchampfaris and @rmehta were in Germany I already gave them a hard time about caching in ERPNext. Sometimes they wanted me to reload my browser, sometimes hit a button (refresh, reload) in the application. It wasn’t clear when I needed to do what.

The problem constantly reappears as more and more co-workers join ERPNext in our company. It’s awkward and embarrassing to give such workarounds to something that is simply no problem anywhere else.

Another constant diagnosis now: Try inkognito mode. … Ah, that works … Then erase cookies and cache in your browser and then try again. Such things work. But they are not “impressing”.

I have no idea what the root cause is. But I will use this thread to update my findings on that matter. Anyone who can help shed light on the causes and the way towards a fix?

@Martin_Seibert This happens when you are playing with metadata, so its usually during development.

Also a lot of the cache was refactored in Version 11, so many of these issues should have been fixed! Is your instance on 10 or 11?

Also it would be better if you can share a scenario we can replicate so we can fix this issue!

It is difficult to replicate the scenario in cases where I only get a remote report. But I will try. The challenge appeared in our Cloud instance (version 11) and our local instance (still version 10).