Fixture Problem


While Creating and Deploying a Custom App I encountered a Strange Error.

Search Fields should contain valid fieldnames

After digging into this I found that the property_setter.json was being processed before custom_field.json when the fixtures were getting Installed.

So The Solution I came up with was to update the here:

I Changed the above with the following:

        fixture_files = sorted(os.listdir(frappe.get_app_path(app, "fixtures")))
        for fname in fixture_files:

Is this a Good Solution? or is there another method to avoid processing property_setter.json before custom_field.json


Yeah, update property setter after custom field.

@mehta_akshay FYI, I have been following up with @nabinhait on integrating your assets app. Its on my list.

@rmehta should the fix be included in the main repository ?

thanks of Info & Support :smile:

@mehta_akshay Yeah, please send a PR