Fixtures not applied in production

Hello all,
i want add option in status docfield in opportunity doctype. So, i add Property setter for this. But when i export this using:

    "dt": "Property Setter",
    "filters": [
            'name', '=', 'Opportunity-status-options',

command: bench export-fixtures
Here are the steps I’m doing:

  • Add a property setter to add option in Opportunity doctype
  • Run bench export-fixtures
  • commit and push to git repo ( I can see my new option in fixtures/property_setter.json )
  • on production server, run bench update
  • No errors, but the option is not applied to the database

I tried manually editing modified timestamp in the fixtures .json field, then issue again bench update / migrate, but still no change.
This option is not going to production. And In local, it works fine.
And I add option in Customize Form, this shows me error:
“You can’t set ‘Options’ for field Status”
That’s why I create a property setter to add option

Anyone has idea about why this happen?
Can anyone help me in this issue?

Thanks in advance.


Once you have created a property setter for “Opportunity Status”, do not use export fixtures, instead do the following:

  1. go to Customize form and select Opportunity
  2. Click on Export Customizations
  3. Select the module you want to export the customizations

Once you do that, just push it to git and pull it on production then simply run bench migrate.