Flectra Vs Erpnext


Can anyone help me to understand what are difference between Erpnext and Flectra? Both are fork from odoo that I know.


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This might be opinionated as you are asking the ERPNext community :wink: Flectra seems to be very close to odoo. The core concept I like in ERPNext is that it is fully open source. You can easily get sources to all modules (no “enterprise” restriction), you get an easy installer and even a VM image. Also, in terms of architecture, odoo/Flectra follow an add-on concept whereas ERPNext is a monolith. I guess in terms of functionality they are comparable, for both you will find service providers to help you get started. Hope that helps.

But Erpnext is not an odoi firk right?

ERPNext is not a fork of Odoo

I’ve been evaluating Flectra for a few months.

It’s a fork of the Odoo v12 Community Edition, with a good amount of free addons that you’d end up paying for if it was Odoo.
Any documentation/tutorials for Odoo v12 work with Flectra 1.6.
If you’re doing Odoo module development, or XMLRPC you should absolutely check it out, if for no other reason than to avoid Odoo’s constant hard-sell.
Side-by-side, IMHO, the installation path of Flectra is 1000% easier & cleaner than ERPNext’s, and module development is straightforward and intuitive. OCA modules generally work without modifications between Flectra and Odoo, at least for the few that I’ve tried.

The discussion group for ERPNext is 1000% more active though, and that is certainly a strong reason to stick it out with ERPNext. Only a few posts a week at flectrahq.

ERPNext is absolutely a different code path from Odoo/Flectra, modules built for one will not work on the other.

frappe culture is the key factor to choose , take a look at discussion group how people interact and help each other how many developers/business and end users contribute and discuss new features.


Thanks a lot for much clarification. Sometime back I installed erpnext and looking for help to configure as per our business. I am a technical person so installation is not a big challenge for me but I do not have functional knowledge of ERPNext so looking help.

Unfortunately I did not get help for configuration in terms of functional setup.

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