Fleet Management app module not showing

Hi! I saw a fleet management feature included in the latest ERPNext version but i cannot see the module icon in the desktop. Though i am able to search vehicle list and reports. I’ve checked all roles. It does not show in Module Access as well.

@airzoink maybe there is no desktop icon made for this.

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airzoink - did you figure this out? I can’t seem to enable the module.
Thanks for any assistance.

No i have not. Maybe they are still testing the feature so i’m just waiting for updates hoping they would make a desktop icon of it.

I have the same issue

It seems to work for me after latest bench update, you can search for “Vehicle” in the search bar and all the relevant pages would show up. In case you are having problems with access, ensure that “Fleet Manager” role is available.

There is no desktop icon for it, you can go to a page, eg: Vehicle Log and add it to the desktop from the menu.

This can be found in production?


@Pawan Shouldn’t there be a button for this. I feel like fleet management is important for alot of business

Yes maybe but in the new version of ERPNext desktop icon can be created by the user’s themselves for shortcuts that are relevant to them. Hence, I had left it as it is.

@jnainggolan, I don’t think it has been ported to production yet but if you need it you can get it from GitHub (Issue #6171)

@Pawan how to add the icon in production ??

@Pawan how is the step to add in production??

hi, I see no menu item when I write vehicle to the search bar in demo.erpnext.com.
Any comment how to access this module?

try to do vehicle list from the same search bar

hmm. I think a magic hand fixed something!
Thanks for the update.