Fleet Managment

Dear all,
the fleet management module doesn’t appear on a fresh installation anybody can help?



If you are talking about V12, it already appears as a section in HR, not as a Module.

You just you need to appear travel request from files.


In v13 (and v12 too), you can find it under the HR module as shown below:

If this is not what you are referring to, please elaborate the query. In case the “Fleet Management” section is not visible in the HR module, search for vehicle list in the search bar.

Hope this helps.

that module is no longer appearing
please have a look

I need it for a small cargo company

@ibrahim_malek check if you have access via the Awesome Bar (Ctrl + G). Search for Vehicle

If you’re not able to see it, check your permissions.

Hello Kenn,
not all the components are there like vehicle type list is not there anymore
this the new server

and here is the old server
as you can see there are more details here, this company needs all the module details as they own trucks & trailers