Float precision

I have a custom field with field type float in a child table and I set it’s precision is 1. When I input 4.0 in the field, it can only show “4” but not “4.0” in the child table list. However, if I set the custom field with field type currency, it can show “$ 4.0” but not “$ 4” in the child table list. I need it shows “4.0” in the child table list when I set the field type float. I hope some one can tell me how to do. Thanks.

which version of frappe you are using?

I am on Frappe Framework: v5.1.0 and its working correctly at my end. Please check following images

  1. add custom field on salary structure earning form,

2… implementation

Saurabh, thanks for your reply.
My problem is that It can not be shown correctly in child table list.