Flow between Sales, Invoice and Payments

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First time poster here!

Background: I have started using ERPNext for my design studio, where we provide design services & furniture as well.

Had a couple of issues / questions regarding the workflow between sales, invoicing and payments. I’m not that great with accounting, so would need a lil help here.

Can anyone help me out with the following things below:

  1. When I submit sales order, can the payment terms be auto-calculated? (Eg: I charge my client USD 100 for the total order, and I usually charge 75% upfront and balance 25% on delivery)

  2. Once the sales order confirmed, I try to raise an invoice of the 75%, but cannot seem to find an option to show that. It gives me an error when i try to add it in the advance payments unallocated section - “Payment Entry has been modified after you pulled it. Please pull it again.
    Did not save”

Basically I would like to have multiple invoices for one sales order.

  1. Say right now I am raising total invoice of USD 100, Can i have the option to track advance payment of 75, and the balance 25 to be shown as due?

  2. When i print my sales order, Can i show the total value alongwith the advance value needed and pending in the document?

Thanks a lot in advance guys!

~ Jaosh

1.When you submit sales order.Payment terms can not be auto calculate.
it populate amount but you need to select respective account and then submit payment entry

In Journal Entry-
i. first you pass payment entry ,which you want to pay in Advance .for that you need to select customer,Reference type=sales invoice and Reference Number, Is Advance=Yes,fill other details.and submit payment entry.

sales Invoice form:-
-In the Sales Invoice, Advance section, you will find button called “Get Advance Received”. Clicking on this button will pull advance payment voucher made for Customer selected in Sales Invoice.

One advance payment voucher is correctly pulled in the Sales Invoice, you will be able to update “Allocated Amount” for it.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Hi Shraddha,

Is this not possible to do the advance payment directly in the sales invoice?
Because this Information “customer,Reference type=sales invoice and Reference Number, Is Advance=Yes,fill other details.and submit payment entry.”
is already in the sales invoice.

the only Thing missing would be the reference number column in the tab and then you could do it inline and thereby create the respective payment entry.

Please Check,